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Good Gravy Train

When George and I picked Henry up from the hospital, we were all hungry by then, and seeing as how Henry just had a stint put in his heart, I became more health conscious and asked if they could get into some Olive Garden bottomless salad bowl? Well, I had only walked from the house to the van before we pulled up to the curb at the hospital, so I hadn't walked far in my sandals yet. I had bought these top name brand sandals at a garage sale about 3 years ago, but this was only about my 3rd time to wear them. They looked brand new and were a nice shade of green, and that's why I bought them. I'm not normally one to wear someone else's shoes because you can acquire foot problems that way.
When I stepped out of the van, I noticed the floor board had a lot of chunky pieces on the mat that looked like large clumps of sand. I said to myself, "O my, I have got to sweep this out when we get home. I started walking up the ramp to the restaurant with George at my side and Henry close behind when Henry started laughing and said, "What in the world are you leaving behind you? It's all over the place!" he said. Well, I was noticing when I walked, the heel on my right shoe was feeling shorter and shorter, but I'd never experienced anything like this, so I ignored it till now. Looking back, I saw chunks of stuff like I saw in the floor board. I told him I wasn't sure what it was but would look when I got seated. Well by then, I had left behind almost the whole bottom of my right shoe, and quite a bit of the left one. By the time we were seated, I looked back and saw a trail from my shoes. I felt so bad that I had messed up their floor like that. They wouldn't let me vacuum or sweep and all George and Henry could do was laugh, shake their head and say in unison, "Only Dawn." By the time we ate and started to leave the booth, I picked up my right shoe, and heard "clink" on the floor... it was the dadburn rod that goes through the length of the shoe, but now was on the floor as well. GOOD GRAVY TRAIN!!!! Now I was shoeless. The waitress just laughed and told me why don't I leave the shoes and she would throw them away. George went out to see if I might have an extra pair of shoes in the van and surprisingly there was ONE SHOE. It didn't EVEN match what I was wearing and was HOT PINK.
I said all this to say, don't be giving people a "piece of your mind" or else you won't have any pieces left. When you stand up you don't want the main rod that holds your brain together, to fall out. Hold on to your peace because "Without peace and holiness, no man shall see GOD." "Live peaceably with ALL men, as much as lies within you." This is a true story: A woman was reading epitaphs at a cemetery when she happened upon one she will never forget that read: "Here beneath this lump of clay lies Isabella Young: on this the 13th day of May she finally held her tongue." You don't want to be like this woman who left this reputation behind.
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