Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Good Morning, Heaven!

I can see my loved ones just over the hilltop
They have no more troubles, sorrows, or pain
And they have forgotten the tears they had here
They get to see Jesus every day.
Grandma told me not to weep when she goes:...
"I'll be so happy and free evermore!"
And Grandpa said, "I've got a mansion waiting
That my Jesus is building on Heaven's shore."
I see lots of children playing and running,
Happy and safe forever they'll be:
I see your loved ones, and they said to tell you,
"I am so happy here, don't weep for me:
But whatever you do, keep on loving and forgiving;
The reasons for it all, you will finally see.
And you will never regret the love you gave
To anyone who deserved it least:
You will never be sorry you denied yourself
For Jesus in you to be increased.
Keep on running, the race is almost won:
Keep your eyes on Christ the Son,
For soon the sky will roll up like a scroll,
And You'll hear Jesus say to you, "Come on Home!"
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