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Good Morning!

This morning I woke up and said to myself, "Well, here we go."

Then I said to myself, "WHAT? You mean to tell me, GOD done blessed you all night with His watch and care, and gave you another day, and the first one you're going to talk to this morning is your "self"?

"Girl, what's the matter with you? Didn't you mean, "Good Morning Lord! Thank You for another day; for watching over us all night, and protecting us like You did! I'm rejoicing in You today, that's what I'm gonna do, because You have loaded me up with benefits today, and mercy besides.

When I was being complacent, I could have been on my way to a backslide, but thank You Lord for reminding me, I need to treat today as the best day of the rest of my life, so hallelujah, Jesus is with me, working at the jail with me today, and now I can say,

"Here we go!" Amen.
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