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When Paul stood in the midst of Mars' Hill, don't you know he was feeling the electricity from Heaven all over him? Wooweee!! I would have loved to have heard him after he read their altar that said, "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD."
How exciting it must have been for him to get to testify to all those people at once Who the "UNKNOWN GOD" is. Acts 17:32 says when many heard of the resurrection of the dead, they mocked; but others said, "Hmm, we will hear you again on this matter." Some people clung to him to hear and learn more about Who GOD is, because they believed Paul's report.
Sometimes it's difficult not to focus on those who jeer, and mock, and don't believe in walking the Christian life out. Funny thing about that is, if someone is following Jesus, and they slip in the least bit, and veer off to the left or right and lose their way for a minute, those same unbelievers are the ones to notice it. Don't be discouraged by the ones who aren't listening, those who laugh b/c of your strong convictions not to watch certain movies, or hear certain things. Don't act religious please, by sticking your nose up in the air and telling them, "That’s a sin!" Don't point the finger at them, keep it on yourself, and tell them you have to guard your heart, because Jesus is coming for a spotless bride and you want to be one. Leave it at that. They might laugh, but they'll respect you for it, and GOD will be pleased. Isn't that what matters: that you walked in love toward others, and pleased our Lord?
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