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Guilty, or Not?
Matthew 18:21-35

The woman had a warrant out for her arrest: She knew she was guilty of a criminal offense.
They caught her and carried her away to jail: She was running out of people to bring a cash bail.
Knowing her court was set for the next day, She stressed about how long they’d put her away.
With all of the fines, and penalties and such, She knew of no one who would have that much.
She knew she couldn’t get out of doing time; because the Judge himself knew about the crime:
The people she wronged were neighbors of his.  And what made it worse is they were really good friends.
She had been in his courtroom a number of times, Mercy seemed out of the question this time.
With a capital felony weighing on her soul, the woman knew she deserved prison without parole.
When it came time in court for her to hear the Judge’s rule, all she could hope for is that he wouldn’t be cruel!
As the defendant stood there, speechless and ashamed, she weakened when the prosecutor called out her name.
Her rights were then read and her charges explained “How do you plead?” she was asked that day.
The woman pled guilty, then they gave her a form to sign away her rights, as she had been forewarned.
Then suddenly the most peculiar thing occurred; something even the Judge had never heard:
The victim stood up who had heard the case, and said, “Arrest me instead, I’ll take her place.”
The Judge gave his rule, the woman went free: As the innocent party took her penalty.
Now, the day the woman had been arrested, she called a good friend whom she worked with and trusted:
She asked her friend to tell their Boss a lie:
She said, “Tell our boss one of my family members just died,
If she asks what happened, tell her they overdosed on coke,
And I can’t call her because my phone is broke.”
Well, the friend wouldn’t lie, so when she got to work,
And found out about it, she called the friend “a jerk.”
She also found out her friend got the promotion
That she really wanted: now there’s all kinds of commotion.
The Boss wants to see her for not calling in,
Now she tells other lies because she won’t forgive her friend.
She tells the Boss, “My family member died,
I asked my friend to tell you!” she just out and out lied.
Then she told the Boss an even bigger lie,
“You see, my friend wanted the promotion and so did I,
So she didn’t tell you I had to leave,
And now all the fault has been thrown to me!”
She cried and cried and her Boss felt so cruel
And went and fired the “friend” for being made the fool.
Word got out and the Judge heard the news,
He was so angry, he about blew a fuse.
The Judge said, “Go get the victim and set her free;
Then lock the unforgiving woman up and THROW AWAY THE KEY!”

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 06-26-15
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