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Happy Father’s Day!!

Dear Father,
I just wanted to write to You for Your special Day
There is so much in my heart I can't find words to say
I am filled with deep emotion as I think of the many times
Your presence has brought such joy in my spirit, like the sound of wind chimes.
You have been there for me all my life, even before I knew You111
You have proven to be such a loving Father in all You say and do.
I've had many scrapes and bruises and trials along the way:
But everything gets easier when You pick me up and say,
"I love you! and "I Am here: it's going to be okay."
Thank You heavenly Father for loving me that way!
There have been times, (You know Lord)
I have tried to act grown up
And be more independent of You; but each time, I mess up!
I have seen the beautiful lily when I've walked in the valley low
I have smelled its lovely fragrance: Ahh, Your beauties delight my soul!
I've gone through many stages, and You've been with me all along:
I have gained, and lost, failed and won: You're the One Who has kept me strong.
You tell me to "Walk by faith," for times I can't but You can.
You bring such calm assurance when You reach out and take my hand!
I just had to stop and say, Thank You for sticking it out with me
And for telling me You will throughout all eternity.
You have been the best Dad! That is why I am writing You today:
I love You heavenly Father!
Happy Father's Day!
GOD's grace in Dawn Gwin for June 2015

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