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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

First of all, I'm thankful I'm not a Turkey today!
Although some may disagree with what I say. (HA!)
I am thankful to GOD for all He has done
Thanking Him for the battles He has won
Though I am sad my dear Mother has past
I am grateful to GOD, I will see her at last.
I am sad that my Dad isn't doing so well,
But grateful to GOD, he won't see hell:
I am sad I cannot go and visit him yet
But "yet" means I can later, don't forget.
I am sad we are distanced by so many miles
But I'm thankful my Dad & my Brother are reconciled.
Sad for the condition of the world and its views
Sad that many Christians aren't spreading the Good News!
Sad we will all be brought together by disaster,
But thankful to GOD, we're being led by the Master!
Thankful for family, and thankful for friends
Those who will stay till the story ends!
Thankful to GOD for you in my life:
You're a gift from Him that keeps me alive.
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