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Have You Been to The Cross?

At the Cross. Hmm. Have you ever put yourself in the picture?
I have put myself in the path, while Jesus carried the very heavy Cross after the cruel soldiers had beat him, spat upon Him, whipped Him, even slugged and punched Him unmercifully. When He looked at the women who were crying for Him, He looked at them and said, "Do not weep for Me; but weep for yourselves and for your children." I do. I pray we will all be counted worthy to escape the evil days ahead. I pray we have our Wedding clothes all ready to meet Jesus. Then I picture myself in the crowd. Have you done that? Where would you be in the crowd that day? I have walked behind the Cross and spent much time there watching His back, noticing each stripe He took that I deserve. I walked, sometimes crawled back to the front of the Cross, and looked Jesus in the Eyes and asked Him questions, and thanked Him for what He was doing there for me. I encourage you, put yourself in the picture back then. It makes the stories so much more personal.
Stay there for a while and let Jesus minister to you;
then minister back. It is a precious time!
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