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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin

Have You Ever Been Loved Like This?

Have you ever been loved so completely
You didn't need anything else?
Treated and talked to O so sweetly...
Have you experienced this yourself?

Have you felt forgiven ahead of time
for whatever lies ahead?
For the vain thoughts that are in your mind,
or the dumb things you have said?

Can you think of someone right off hand
who loves you this much:
Without expecting something from you,
like a smooch, a gift, or a touch?

They don't even look at your size,
or what type of clothes you wear;
They love you for what is behind your eyes:
They genuinely care!

I have found that someone.
He is as rare as a sky with no moon.
I can be all I am, and open,
He even loves me when I'm out of tune.

I asked You Lord for a close friend:
who would love me through & through.
I asked that he would be faithful:
And here You are, You sent, You!

  GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin