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He Gave Me Your Name

I know "Christmas Day" is gone, but I forgot to share a story I would like very much to tell you. Just now, the Lord laid it on my heart, so here goes:

A few days before Christmas, I was talking with the Lord and said something like, "You know what Lord? If I could ask You for something for Christmas, it would be, "I would sure like for You to help me do my own toenails on my left foot!!" It made me sooooo happy and made me love Jesus even more when, right then He put it on my heart to try it a total different way than I ever had. I tried it, He put it on my mind that I'd better "hurry" because I couldn't stay in that position long.

HA! That was funny, and true. I was sooooooooo happy again that after a year of trying, and paying to have pedicures, I did it, I pedicured my own. Yey! Then afterward, I thought a minute and said to Him, "Lord, now I know You wouldn't ask for anything for Christmas. Of course You wouldn't, but...... if You were to ask for something, I wonder what it would be?"

I was SO SHOCKED when He answered. When I asked what He would ask for, He gave me your name.

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