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He Is Thinking About You

A woman who had no child of her own
Sure wanted children, but lived alone.
She never wanted to marry though
Because her Mother was abused so.
In fact, her Mother died very young
From poor health, and abuse in the home.
The girl then made a vow to herself,
She would always take care of her own health:
Physical, emotional, and mental health too;
She had no awareness of spiritual issues.
This same woman was walking through the park one day
And thought to herself, “It’s been so long since I played,”
So she climbed the slide ladder, and slid down:
It turned her sad frown upside down,
So she ran to the swings where no one was around
And just as she picked out a swing and sat down,
Suddenly, a little boy appeared from no where
Handed her flowers and said, “I picked these over there.
“They are your favorite color,” GOD said:
And He told me to tell you, “Don’t forget.”
“How could he have known” she thought to herself,
“The secret desire I have kept to myself:
To have a daughter, and teach her many things;
And a son to pick me flowers, like I’ve always dreamed?”
“Thank you for the flowers!” she said, “Where are your parents?”
The young woman closed her eyes to take in their fragrance.
When she lifted her head and looked all around,
The mystery boy was nowhere to be found.
A story came back to the young woman’s mind
About an angel she’d heard about, but not in a long time:
Something about how it appeared to Jesus’ Mother:
“Is this how they appear?” and “Was this that angel, or another?”
All of these thoughts were in her head. Then she remembered
what the boy said:
“They are your favorite color,” GOD said:
And He told me to tell you, “Don’t forget.”
The woman looked up and thanked GOD that day,
And from that day on, she has never been the same.
She was recently heard telling someone this story
About the day she met GOD “when He was a little boy:”
She says, “GOD can be anywhere, and send anyone with the news:
He’ll let you know somehow. He is thinking about you.”

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 09-11-15
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