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He Loved Me First

I love the Lord because He loved me first when I was the most unlovable. I didn't have to wait to get myself together first before He would receive me. I still don't have it all together, and if I had put it off, I would have missed an awful lot of wonderful times I have had with Him; lots of lessons I have learned from Him; precious moments, and wonderful memories. I'm so thankful to Him I have Him to open up to and pour out all my anguish, my thoughts and feelings, and I love it He lets me vent without criticizing me. He is so intelligent and I still marvel at the ideas and thoughts He gives me. I still am in awe each time He would even bend down His Ear to me, and His Heart, and He does. There are so many reasons to draw near to Him, but not one reason can I think of to pull away.
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