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He Stood With Me

Can I just talk to you for a minute? Why is it when you go to some church services, it’s like they try to pump you up in the spirit, and tell you how to praise the Lord!
Well I don’t need somebody to tell me to put my hands together, lift up my hands, and tell GOD how good He is, and just praise the Lord.
GOD brought me through so many messes, it’s easy to praise Him without being told to.
When no one else stood with me, He stood with me! It’s easy to praise Him for that!
When I was sick and my body racked with pain; when everyone else walked away, when I got to the place I couldn’t give anything to anybody, or do anything for anybody, or go shopping, or go any other place with anybody, Jesus stood with me! He stood with me! O, it’s so easy to praise His wonderful Name!
When it seemed like I wasn’t bearing any fruit because I was in a place I didn’t know what to do, Jesus stayed with me, and He never left me. He cheered for me, He never cut me down or let me down, or weighed me down. Instead, He lifted me up, cheered me up, filled my cup to overflowing with His mercy and His grace, and His goodness. So don’t tell me how to praise my Lord… He’s got me! I’ll testify that I know the all-together lovely One, He’s Jesus Christ, the Son of the living GOD!
I don’t even know when it was: somewhere between “Help me GOD!” and “I can’t make it anymore!” Jesus found me, dusted me off, shook me up a little bit, then after He let me know what was what and He was Who I needed, then somewhere between the “I can’t anymore!” and the “Hallelujah’s” GOD met me and pointed the way for me. He brought me out and showed me how to walk in His footsteps.
If I never ever cried at night, how would I appreciate the Light in the morning?
GOD delivered me from such sin and corruption till He left no trace! No trace! People, when I tell them where I used to walk, and the way I would talk, they don’t believe me, because GOD didn’t leave a trace of sin in my life. Praise His powerful and wonderful Name! He never has told me to shut up, or get out, or to leave Him alone. He's always there, and He stays with me in the dark places, He finds me and picks me up in my weakest places. He's all powerful, and He's for me, He's with me, He will never leave me. I can't afford to ever go back, because quite frankly, there's nothing that can compare to day to day talks with Jesus. Nothing back there is worth all the ground we've gained, all the life Jesus gave so that I could be saved. Nothing! There's nothing to go back to, so I'll keep pursuing the One Who gave His life for me at Calvary. Amen.
I just had to tell somebody what I was thinking.
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