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Father, just look at You showing off Your creation to me this morning! How sweet for You to send the twin fawn's and let them lay down in the yard like that. I sure need to learn how to use this movie camera, if You've got any ideas will You pass them along please? I'd sure appreciate it. Why can't all the deer get along? They all act like one's more important than the other, and one family thinks they ought to get first dubs on the corn. Thing is, will You let them know Lord, there's plenty to go around? Thank You so much for sending all those blue jays at once, and the two red birds that are married. Reason I know they're married is coz he's so sweet to break her seed open for her and pass it to her mouth with his. Awww. Thank You for letting me see how they love each other. Why can't the blue jays and the cardinals get along? They act like bears with sore hineys when there's plenty of food to go around. I don't know why that little fawn is afraid of that leaf in the water trough, but it's funny seeing it jump when it goes to get a drink, isn't it? You sure did a good job making some beautiful critters Lord! Thank You for sending them by my window all morning, so I could relax and enjoy them. I feel like Snow White with all the activity outside my window. I just wanted to say, "Thanks for the blessing You didn't have to send."
You said, You DID have to send it? Well, why is that? Awww, to show Your love to me and remind me You know what I need? Is that ever SWEEET!!!
Thank You again, I love you too! Sure wished I could bless You more and wasn't the biggest brat in the county though Lord!
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