I'm gonna be walkin' hand in Hand with Jesus my Lord when I reach that Land.
I'm gonna give Him my crowns: at His Feet I'll lay them down.
Gonna be cryin' nevermore when I step out onto Heaven's shore.
Gonna have joy there that will never end, when I see Jesus, my best Friend.
I'll bow before Him, The One Who took my place:
King of every generation, Lord of every race.
Gonna be meetin' my Father then, the One Who loved me time and again.
It won't be long now, gonna keep the faith
Till I see Jesus, face to Face.
     I had a Hospice patient the nurse on the floor asked me to hurry and visit. I could sense her concern for the man, wondering where he would spend eternity.
When I knocked and stepped in the room very quietly, the family was there. I introduced myself and when I did, the patient (I will call him Harold) opened his eyes, then opened them even bigger and looked frightened. It really startled me. I assured him all was okay then excused myself. The family nodded their heads in agreement with my decision. I left the room, but was burdened for Harold the rest of the day, and asked The Lord to give me another chance to go and prepare Him to meet The Lord. I said, "Just tell me when Lord, and I'll go."
Suddenly, around 8:00 or 8:30 p.m. that evening, I felt compelled in my spirit to hurry and go then. I called the nurses station first and they urged me to go there.
Again, when the man saw me, his eyes got real big, but this time he said frantically, "I've been too bad, go away!" That's when I realized he saw Jesus in me. When I visit the hospital I always remind myself and say to GOD, "Okay, it is no longer Dawn who lives now, but Christ Who lives in me, so You go do Your thing Lord through me, and please don't let me interfere, coz' You know I'll try!"
I told Harold I was there by appointment, that GOD sent me, and added "Harold, you are about to stand in the Presence of a holy GOD; you'd better get yourself ready!!" He cried out, "I CAN'T, I'M TOO TIRED, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW!" I cried inside myself so hard, but couldn't outwardly as I replied to him, "I will tell you how: Harold, admit to GOD what you said to me, tell Him, "I have sinned, please forgive me and prepare me for Your Presence GOD!"  Harold was so weak, I had to take his arm down from his forehead so he could relax. He closed his eyes and everything got quiet... they stayed quiet for quite a few seconds. I prayed, "Father GOD, that would not be nice for You to let this man die right now: I know You sent me for this reason... is he alive? Is he talking to You?" I asked. Then Harold opened his eyes and looked at me. I said, "Please tell me that when I get to Heaven and look for you, I will see you there!?" He closed his eyes, and passed away after I left. I hope you are ready to meet Jesus face to Face. Please don't live any longer without knowing for sure you are His. I want to see you there too!!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 01-09-15
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