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Help Me to Die

Father, O Father, help me to die
To myself, to me, and I.
Make me a praise to all You have done
By Your plan and through Your Son.
Father, O Father, grant that He be
The reflection You see in me.
May Your Love; Your Power; Your all-wise Words
Flow through me to Your tiny birds.
Father, O Father, help us run with endurance
From this world, in the race set before us:
Looking unto Jesus, with our eyes fixed
So there be nothing to come betwixt.
Father, O Father, the least we can do
Is to present our bodily members unto You:
May we consider Jesus who endured hostility
From sinners against Himself, lest we become weary.
Father, O Father, it is a small thing
To take up my Cross and simply cling
To it, for I bear my sins no more:
I am so rich, because You became poor.
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