Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Here Inside My Heart

People ask me how I make it from day to day
With all the pain and disappointments that come my way,
I tell them, “All things are new, the old is passed away:
I have no fear; for GOD is here, and He won’t ever go away.

GOD won’t ever leave me lonely, He will not walk away
But He will be my One and only
Lover of my soul always!
He said He would never tire of me
He said, “I will not cast you away:
I AM right here with you forever, My child, I AM here to stay!”
When my enemies are closing in all around my soul,
They threaten to chain me up, and take full control:
But I tell them, “All things are new in Jesus Name, DEPART!
I’m not alone; for GOD is Home… here inside my heart!!"
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Psalma Mama
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