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Here At The Cross

I bowed before The Lamb of GOD while He was dying for me
I said, “I got here as fast as I could Jesus, but I’m late I see.
And, I don’t understand why it’s You up there: I’m the one who’s done wrong
I wished so bad I had gotten here sooner, I’m sure sorry I waited so long!
I had so much to do that I wanted to get behind me
So I could give my full attention to You, and not be distracted by things.
I’ve heard so much about You, how You have turned no one away;
I’ve been to so many doctors (You know the bills I have to pay.)
Someone said You even touched lepers, and kissed some of their wounds:
How could You do something like that? I can’t imagine a love like Yours!
They say You speak to the demon-possessed; even to the demons themselves,
And that when You do, people are changed and set free right and left.
I still don’t understand why You’re up there and why You let them beat You like that;
I especially can’t understand why GOD let it happen, when He’s supposed to be Your Dad!
Why did You cry in the garden last night to Him, “Not My will, but Thine”?
You have never committed sins, so why are You dying for mine?
I just heard You say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!”
How can You ask for His help for people who don’t even care about You?
They say You’re in charge of the angels, that if You summoned them, they’d all be here
But You won’t allow that to happen; for Your love is conquering fear.
Jesus, when I look in Your eyes, compassion is all I see!
How can You not be bitter, especially at me?
The blood from the thorns Lord Jesus pressed deep in Your Head:
Just spilled out upon me, healing all my ills and dread.
When You proclaimed with authority as You were dying there
And cried out, “It is finished!” Your majesty and glory filled the air.
The cruel men thought it was their idea Jesus, to pierce Your side
But it was all part of the Master plan to lose all Your blood inside.
Each drop was poured out on the Mercy Seat
So we may come boldly in our times of need.
What love, what infinite, matchless love that would suffer for us like this:
I will not rest until I too walk in this love of His!!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-15-15
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