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Here is My Heart

I had a talk with the Lord last night
He told me the load I was carrying was too much for me
I said, "I would have to agree."
He asked me could He have it,
Or did I want it for myself:
I said, "I would like to be free from it, will You show me how?"
He said so lovingly, "I have talked to you about this before."
"I know You have Lord." I said;
But, why do I have to go back there?"
"When I talked to you about it before, it opened up the wound:
I wanted to heal it then, but you ran away too soon.
You ran away with an open wound."
So, this time I talked to Him and let Him talk to me.
I listened for a long time, and this is one thing He said to me:
He said, "Each time you feel rejected, used, or criticized;
It goes to the open wound, making it increase in size."
I asked Him, "What do I do then, to not let it affect me this way?
How do I get free to not take it personally, and to live life abundantly,
right now, today?"
May I never ever forget the all- wise counsel He gave to me
After I asked Him these questions, then sat there quietly.
He spoke to my inner child from His Father Heart,
He said, “First, you will have to let me soften your heart you’ve let get hard.
When I told you to guard your heart, I did not mean for you to love less:
I meant for you to love even more, and to grow in kindness.
Not to guard your heart from pain, and from never being hurt;
You have to understand; you live in an unbelieving world:
Your light shines in their darkness, showing things they have kept hid
It is not you they reject, but Jesus in you, they want to rid.”
“Will you let Me heal your heart, then close up the wound?” GOD asked.
“Here is my heart O Father” I cried: “Yes Lord, Yes!”

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 11-27-15
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