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He’s Waiting on Us

I'm talking from experience when I say, The Lord will deal with you gently about a stronghold in your life; in other words, the fault that weighs you down, or the sin that so easily ensnares you that you keep falling in to. That is, we hear His still small Voice, almost like a nudge on the shoulder that says, "Stop doing that! Do this instead." It is quiet at first, but when we ignore His leading and do our own thing, we shrug our shoulders as if to say,
"What an awful thought, that can't be GOD."
But, it was GOD, and is GOD!
Then we continue on in our own way and the next time we give in to that behavior, we feel like someone's watching us (that's because He is.) We become less and less comfortable in our sin until GOD says clearly in our spirit, "Go and sin no more,
or else a worse thing will come upon you."
That happened to me with a giant in my life years ago. I thought to myself, "Ahhh, GOD is my Father! He understands what I go through, and He is compassionate and knows how hard this is for me to give up." WRONG! GOD is never compassionate toward our sin! Then we find ourselves waiting on GOD to gives us that overcoming urge with power from on high to overcome that nasty thing. Only thing is, He's waiting on us. I said one time, "Yes Lord, I see this displeases You, and I want to do what You say, and just as soon as You give me the grace, I will overcome this. He directed me to read His Word, and I started reading in Romans chapter 1 where GOD let me know we have "already received grace to obey." O yukky, that means all the heat is on me now, huh? So then, if "something worse" would come upon me if I did not obey right away, I knew it was my responsibility to get in the Word, seek out the solution to this and find the Verses that would lead me to the Victory GOD wanted in my life. Hallelujah He doesn't leave us to ourselves, or else we'd get ourselves in some awful messes! If you ever need help finding Verses that will speak to that area GOD is speaking to in your life, private message me and I'll seek Him with you; or you can ask your spouse, and/or your pastor to help you do that. I love you guys and am just trying to help you up a step, or else put the limb out there for you, to keep you from sinking in the sand. Thing is, you've got to grab hold of it till you're freed. That's your part.
The Lord bless you as you live for Him.
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