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His Mother Mary’s Eyes

He was four years old and He knew it was time:
Time to prepare His Mother, Mary, for what was ahead.

“Mother, Mother, listen please to my story long”
As He took her face and put it gently in His Hands.

Looking into His Mother’s eyes, bewildered and denying
The magnitude of what He would suffer, she could not bear the thought.
“No, my son, I will hide You, like Moses, You will be safe.”
This is all she could take of that story at this time, so He held His silence.

He turned eight and His Mother began to speak of the plans for His life
How He would be used to heal many people throughout the world.
JESUS waited until they were alone; she couldn’t understand why He was crying.
“Mother, Mother, I love you.  It is time I tell you more:
More of the story I started, do you remember --many years ago?”

His Mother, Mary’s eyes began to well with tears:
“I cannot bear the pain just now, can we wait just a little longer?”
Through the years, she knew when He would come and hold her close
Without a word, He took her face and put it gently in His Hands.
She knew that what He said was true, but did not want to bear this burden now.

At twelve years old her Son came up missing and she cried
They found Him in the Temple, teaching, and when He saw Mary’s eyes, He knew that it was time: that He would have to make her listen now.
The journey home was spent in a solemn way as He explained to her
And to Joseph how He had to listen to “another Voice now.”

Without a word, Joseph listened while Mother Mary softly wept
Within herself she wanted to yield to what GOD had planned -
But O, the thought of her heart’s love going through all that:
Soldiers spitting in His Face, the beatings, the mockings, the whip, and the nails:
Mary thought, “O, if only I could die first, but no, I want to be here for Him.”

He was in His teens now, and had been in the Temple long that day when He came home unexpectedly and found His Mother on her knees:
“Father, what will I do without my Son, how can I possibly release Him to You when that time comes?”
It was then, she turned her head and got a glimpse of her Son standing there.

When their eyes met, He ran and held His Mother close,
“Mother, Mother, listen to Me please.”
Once again, He took her face gently into His Hands:
“O my beloved Mother” then He began to weep:
“When that time comes for Me to sacrifice My life, you will have the grace.”

They held each other for a while, taking many deep breaths --
Releasing much tension to the Father in Heaven, for it was too much to bear.
After praying together, JESUS was quite concerned for her:

“Father,” He cried, “My Mother, O, I know You’ll take care of her.”
Many minutes of silence followed then He looked into His Mother’s eyes:
“What is it you are thinking My beloved Mother whom I love?”

His Mother took in a deep breath and exhaled very slowly,
Then she asked her Son if she could have a long piece of His Hair.
“I still have some from when You were a Child, but now You are grown,
And O, I must have some part of You after You have gone.”

Once again, He took His Mother’s face into His Hands:
“Mother, O my beloved Mother, listen to Me please:
Yes, you may have my lock of hair; but Mother, understand
I must needs go away, but I will return again.
My lock of hair is a small thing, I will leave You a larger part -
Mother, don’t weep for Me anymore, for I will give you My Heart.”

The night of His betrayal, word got to His Mother, the accusers had taken JESUS:
She knew it was time, so she stayed awake and prayed for her heart’s love.
By morning, Mary had a peace that overshadowed her
As if it were a blanket wrapping, protecting her.
She stayed with her Son throughout His suffering there on the Cross,
Then from it Her Son gave her to His disciple, John, and John to her.

That night as Mother Mary lie awake, she thought upon His Life
Then took His lock of Hair into her hands: she wrapped it with them like her Son did her face, then realized Father GOD had given her grace
Grace to go through this very deep valley, grace to wait for His return
For she knew He could not lie and she would see Him very soon.

Exhausted from the emotions of the day, Mary knew she needed to sleep
But not until she did one more thing could she have deep peace:
Mother Mary remembered Her Son’s Words:
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Then Mary forgave them too.
She prayed to her heavenly Father then asked for the Heart of her Son.
Suddenly a light shone: she realized, she would see Him very soon:
Since that night, she has His Heart, and there is hope
in Mother Mary’s eyes!

Amen   © GOD’s marvelous grace in Dawn Gwin 2010
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