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How Can We Doubt?

If GOD can soften the hardened heart of a king
And, if GOD can part the waters of a swollen sea,
Until we have crossed over, and if He can drown our enemies;
Then how can we doubt our GOD will supply our needs?!

If GOD can protect us while we're walking through the fire
Because He has a plan for us, and His Ways are higher;
Then how can we doubt when we again are in the mire
That He will pull us out in this very hour?!

If GOD can send an angel to shut the mouth of the lions,
And if GOD can send a light to strike our enemies with blindness;
Then how can we doubt His merciful lovingkindness?
How can we doubt the provisions of His Highness?!

How can we doubt the saving power of a Lord
Who would die for us, Who rejected not, the sword?
And, how can we doubt this powerful Love that is so great:
Nothing of earth, nor hell below, from us could separate?!

GOD's grace in Dawn Gwin 2014
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