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How Well Do You Know Jesus?
Two years after I was born again, it became very clear to me through all the many Chapters of the Bible and looking at them together, that GOD would never break His promises to me, but I could lose the inheritance He gave me if I decided to trade it like Esau did for a stinking lust of the flesh. "How shall you neglect so great a salvation?" "Overcomers receive the crown of life;" "He who endures temptation to the end receives the promises;" "Why do you call me "Lord, Lord" but do not the things that I say?" There are so so many Scriptures to prove the point; but the devil wants us deceived into believing we can live any ole' way and not even know what the Bible teaches, nor what GOD's requirements are. "And they overcame the devil by the Blood of The Lamb; the word of their testimony; and they loved NOT their lives unto death." "He who would love his life (that is, seek to please self) shall lose it; but he who would lose his life ("not my will but Thine be done) shall find it."
That is, we shall find eternal life.
I knew Jesus as my Savior, and my Shepherd to guide me, but I didn't realize He was also "Lord" of my life (my Authority) until two years after I was born-again.
"Jesus learned obedience by the things in which He suffered." Is a servant greater than his Master?
I felt compelled of The Lord to share this and had to give in to Him since Jesus is Lord, not me.
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