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How to Love and How to Pray

Have you ever noticed when you're talking to someone, you don't even know what you believe about an issue until you hear it come out of your mouth? When you're praying to answer someone correctly, and the words just flow, and you feel the power of GOD behind them! That happened yesterday, and I would like to share something I've learned very valuable through the years:
If I am trying to find fulfillment by pleasing myself to make myself happy, then I am left with a feeling of BLAH! But, if I am living to build another's ministry, help someone else find a job, watch someone else's children so they can have time to themselves, or if I am looking for someone else who needs uplifted, and encouraged, and asking GOD for a Word for them, He gives it, and it always helps me too. Psalm 24:1 says:  The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness of it; the world, and they that dwell in it. Jesus said He wanted to teach us two things: How to love and how to pray. Every time I get off of those two things, The Lord nudges me and says so sweetly, "Over here.... get back to love and prayer." In the next post, I would like to leave you a prayer from Colossians 1 I am praying for you that I know GOD will answer.
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