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Huddle Up, Get Together

Hello All! Funny thing is, I don't know a thing about football; but the Lord, as clear as day, put all of this on my heart as I was going to sleep last night, and had me do some studying. This took from the time I woke this morning until now to study this out and bring you this:
Football Coach Kevin Elco gave a powerful pep-talk and told his players this story: "There were two cowboys on horseback riding across a range, when they spied two buffalos close by. One cowboy said to the other, "Look at those ugly buffalos, I heard they are the ugliest creatures to run the range" The other cowboy replied as he laughed, "Yep! Look how big their head is to their small bodies." That's when one buffalo looked over at the other one and said, "I was always told that out here on the range we would
never hear a discouraging word."
The Coach went on to tell his players, "I've been hearing you speak discouraging words to one another about the game tomorrow here in this locker-room about how big and bad the other team is. I don't want to hear one more discouraging word come out of any
of my team players’ mouths!"
Aug 30, 2014 - Four days before what could be the greatest powder-blue football ... With a highly ranked team at the end of his whistle, the UCLA coach is focused and fearless. ... The Bruins lost, 49-45, in a game that featured so many blown ... "I don't feel the pressure, but I do feel responsibility, to keep this team on track” the coach stated. When a team is down, feeling defeated, a coach walks in or the captain of the team and fires the team up giving encouragement
and pushing them forward.
Christians, GOD is our Coach/Captain of our team, and He whistles, and is calling His team to a huddle. Zechariah 10:8
“I will whistle for them and gather them in; for I have redeemed them; they shall increase as they have increased.”
Remember in Numbers 13 when Moses sent out spies to the land of Canaan? He told them to come back and tell him if the people were “strong or weak, few or many.”
The spies came back and brought some beautiful fruit from there and told Moses the land “flows with milk and honey.” But in the next breath, they spoke as cowards, with fear and unbelief that anyone could beat them when they said the fruit’s great but Ooooo, there are giants there who are huge, and they have walled cities that are very great, and the people are very strong… “Too strong for us” they said. All the people went nutsy-bonkers after that, wringing their hands in fear; but Caleb (a very godly man who trusted GOD’s Hand), calmed the people down and told them, “Come on, let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.” GOD had already told them He would give them the land, but their eyes were not on Him, but on what they could see. *Listen to this: Chapter 14:1 says, “The congregation lifted up their voice and cried; and the people wept that night.” After that, they murmured again about Moses and Aaron who were leading them. O waa-waa-waa you big crybabies. Why don’t you trust the Lord? Guess what? Later in verse 38, the whiney-baby spies died of the plague and the ones who trusted GOD are the only ones who were left standing, and well in health.
Let this be a lesson to us to huddle up and man up and “Be strong and very courageous” like GOD told us to be, without grumbling, murmuring, complaining, and whining about it!!” I’m talking to myself too. The Lord put an old song on my heart that I didn’t even know I knew about, to go with this. If you can put up with the old sound, the lyrics to this song are great and are for us Christians right now. Hear our Coach saying to us, “Huddle up!"
"I've been hearing you speak discouraging words to one another about what's coming on the earth, and about how big and bad the other team is. I don't want to hear one more discouraging word come out of any of my team player's mouths!"

Song: Let's Get Together Written by: Dino Valenti First recording: Let's Get Together by "Dino Valenti" (January 1964) First release: Let's Get Together by "...

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