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I AM More Than You Know

Jesus asks, "Is your knowledge of Me shallow:
Do you only think of Me as "a jolly good fellow?"
Do you picture Me sleeping in a lowly manger?
Do you picture Me sleeping while you are in danger;
Like I did when My disciples were in a storm?
They wondered if My presence would keep them from harm.
Do you think of Me as being four days too late:
Like Martha did when she sealed Lazarus’ fate?
When you think of Me, where do you see Me?
Do you picture Me praying in Gethsemane?
Or, do you imagine I AM interceding for you now?
Do you wonder when I do, and is it often, and how?
When you think of Me, do you see Me on the Cross
Where I took your punishment and your dross?
Where I claimed your every sin as My Own:
Where I suffered in anguish and died alone?
Where I allowed them to press thorns into My Head
Where I thought about you the whole time I bled?
Where My compassion and mercies were so great for you:
That nothing could have kept Me from dying for you?
Do you think because I died on that cruel Cross
That I was defeated? Do you think I lost?
When you think upon Me, do You know I AM alive?
Do you know I rose again so you could not just survive??
Do you also know My resurrection power is in you?
If you have been born-again, ALL THINGS are NEW!!
When you think about Me, I AM more than you know
Learn of Me daily, for I AM humble, meek, and low.
I had to learn obedience too, by all I went through;
You are never alone; I AM right here with you.
I went through every trial and temptation you go through,
I never gave in to a sin, so that I may aid you.
When you think of Me, I AM Jesus, your Warrior and King:
Let Me be your Lord! Do not strive, but bow to Me!
After you have learned Me thus, within you a well of water will spring;
Learn of Me until I AM your Bread, your Water, your Friend, your Everything!”

© GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 11-24-15
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