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“I AM That I AM”

(I wrote this after staying in the book of Job Chapters 38-41 for about 5 days.  I hope you can relate to it.)
Father In Heaven, Who’s going to get me through this day, and help me to see that there’s a better way
to not be led by each emotion that I have: and how to put my dependence in a Heavenly Dad?
Who’s going to settle me in the storm? When hearts are cold, Who will keep me warm?
In my body, Who’s gonna give me strength? Or, when I need Hope; when I need Peace?
The Voice I have come to love, spoke to me again… “I AM! I AM!”
And Who’s going to protect me in my old age? Who’s going to hide me from the devil’s rage?
When I can’t, who is it who can? HE said, “I AM!”
Who alone can answer me out of the whirlwind? Who knows me best, and yet still calls me “friend?” Who is He who causes the morning stars to sing? HE said, “I AM!”
GOD, Who is it Who watches over me, day and night through Eyes of Mercy? “I AM!”
“I AM the Word; the Word is ME. I AM the prisoner’s liberty. Who is He that seeks the prey for the lion? Whose Heart reads your heart? Only MINE!”

Help me GOD! Tell me my journey’s not over and that You have a plan. Lord, I have nothing to offer! Will You accept me just as I AM?
I am torn and battered. Tell me I matter. I’m like an old ship that’s been lost forever out to sea. Just going in circles GOD, but You Lord, You walked on water. Please do it again, and come find me, O please come and find me, coz here I am ready to reach out and take ahold of Your Hand. I don’t know how to trust You. I’ve learned not to trust anybody, or anything. Teach me GOD! O, who’s gonna lead me to You?

“I AM! I AM! Who set things in order on the earth? Tell me if you know, Who tells the calves when to birth?
Who forms the cold frost from His Breath? Who tells the dew drops to hold back death?
Who gave the wings unto the peacock? Who taught the ostrich to warm her eggs in the dust?
Who has given the horse his strength? Who can exalt, or make one, weak?
Can you catch a whale with your hand, or a hook? Can you scare a dragon with a spear, or a look?
Who gives wisdom to the hawk so he can fly, and tells him to stretch out his wings toward the sky?
Who knows your life from beginning to end? Whom will you live for? On Whom will you depend?
What have you that is good that you did not receive? I AM Love! I Am Spirit! I never change! I never leave!
I AM an all-consuming Fire! You cannot go beneath me, you cannot go higher!
Now GO, tell the world, and when they ask who sent thee, tell them, I AM that I AM sent me.”
He sees each tear before they fall; He hears each cry before we call; What is important to us, is important to Him; He knows us well, before we know Him;
He understands our deepest needs; He knows why our heart bleeds; He knows us best, yet loves us most. He understands our cares and woes.
When we want to let go, He holds us tight, And gives us the courage to stay and fight, And run till we get to the end of this race:

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin

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