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I Can Handle It for You

I can't imagine how I forgot to tell you something sooo important that happened the other day. I was talking to the Lord off and on about some deep concerns I had about the pain in my body, pain in other's lives: some emotional, some mental anguish, some spiritual, some all of these. In a little bit, the Lord said the sweetest thing in my spirit that may really help you as it did me. This is what He spoke in my spirit: "You don't have to be strong around Me. You are talking to Me like you're trying to be a big girl about everything; like you are showing Me you're not crumbling, or like you are not trying to hurt as deeply as you hurt, to prove to Me you can handle it. This is Me you're talking to, remember? You can crumble with Me; you can tell Me all about it, how deeply you really hurt. You don't have to "handle it" with Me. Come to Me and pour your heart out like water before Me; tell all, I can handle it for you. Come on, let the little girl in you talk to Me.
Let Me be your Father. Hide yourself with Me for a little while until these calamities are overpast My child."
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