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I Didn’t Know

I wasn’t doing right; I didn’t want to know You GOD
I didn’t know I could: I had only heard about Your rod.
Every time a preacher came by, I would pretend to not be home.
He’d leave all this stuff for me to read; but I wanted to be left alone.
I would close the blinds and be real quiet, till I heard him drive away:
I didn’t know him GOD & He didn’t seem to care about me anyway.
I didn’t know You wanted me. I didn’t know You had a plan.
I didn’t know You loved me, and gave Your Son, I didn’t understand!
I didn’t know, and I couldn't see how to be guilt-free and forgiven
Not until I met Your Son, Jesus, that's when I found out why I was living.
I didn’t know You paved the way for me, just so I could be
Under Your protection, dwelling in the Secret Place
In the Garden of Your presence, inside Your grace.
I didn’t know it. I just thought the preacher wanted me to go to his church
And sit in his pew. He never told me about You.
While I was living in sin, You showed Your love to me:
You were never cruel and never pointed Your Finger at me;
You did all You possibly could to meet my every need:
Jesus bled, died and rose from the grave and lives to intercede.
You loved me when I was at my worst, when I had nothing to give to Thee:
What do I do now my Lord?
He said, “Imitate Me.”
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