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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
I Have Prayed

I have prayed beneath The Cross
Where our Savior was crucified:
So His Blood would cleanse my dross;
Where He let Himself be denied.
I have prayed at a cross-road
In the “Valley Of Decision:”
Whether to say “Yes” or “No”
To GOD in this Season.
I have also prayed in the belly of a fish
(So to speak), like Jonah did:
Until I could say to GOD, “As You wish;”
And until I, from my will, was rid.
I also prayed while walking
Up the path called, "Calvary's Trail:"
I began to run with Jesus
When my soul said, "All is well."
I have prayed at a place where others
Were bowing to an idle, to their god:
I told them mine was able to deliver;
I said, “Still will I serve Him, if not!”
I have prayed in the midst of a fire
Where they threatened to destroy my faith:
But Jesus was right there with me:
I was unharmed, even my face.
I have even prayed in the Garden
It was called, ‘Gethsemane:’
I had to decide to live as a weed or a flower
All to GOD, or all to me.
I have prayed in the dark when I couldn’t see
My hand in front of my face:
But, the one place I love most is where I may pray boldly,
It is before my King, at His “Throne Of Grace!”