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I Just Need to Feel Your Touch

Father, I don't need a touch from You so I will believe
I just need to feel Your touch because I do believe.
And I don't need to hear Your Voice so all doubt will leave
I just need to hear Your Voice, for it is to You I cleave!
I know for sure Lord Jesus, I can get through this day,
As long as I’m assured You and I are okay.

Sometimes, (You know me), I just need to know where I stand
That everything is okay, and I’m still in Your Hand.
If I get to thinking wrong, will You be sure to nudge me Lord,
Or, if I forget to take up and use my shield and sword?
I realize I can be high-maintenance, I’ll be the first to agree,
But then, You knew that, didn’t You, when You fashioned me?
I so love You for that!
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