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I Love You, Does It Matter?

Jesus called me out years ago, Said, “You’re looking for the way out,
I know!
Looking for the way out of another mess. Always taking, just want Me to bless!
You’re not fed up enough with doin’ it your way yet.
I pick you up from the dirt, dust you off, then you go your way and forget! You forget!
You laugh at the things you should be ashamed of!
What’s it going to take for you to have enough?
You’re using up your body, and you think that’s love?
Love isn’t out for itself, seeking its own pleasure, while ignoring the children I gave you to treasure.
You take a little money and give a disease: catching a demon
on your sleeve.
Are you waiting to lose all the good I put in you
Before you live for the One who died for you?
I’m calling you out to be a lady: a mighty woman of GOD, and I’ll
be your Daddy.
Some of you crying, you think life’s catching up with you.
But it’s really death creeping up on you! (He’ll catch ya too if ya let him. You treat him like a puppy and wanna pet him??)
You cry out to Me when he gets close to you;
But you’re like a colander, My Words seep right on through.
How long will you resist what is right? Why don’t you want to know My purpose for your life?
I have done all I can to keep you out of hell;
But you continue to refuse Me, and you reject My will.
I gave you beauty, but you’re throwing it away, letting the devil
have his way.
Don’t you realize, I bled all My blood out for you! The reason
I did that was for you!
I took the crown of thorns, I let them press them into My head
So your mind could be healed, but you’re filling it with
demons instead!!
I let them pierce My hands and feet and nail Me to the Cross:
Blood is the only thing that would pay your debts,
so I paid the cost!
Does it matter that I died for you so you could
have a new life
And does it matter that I became for you, a living sacrifice-
I love you! Does that matter to you? Or, did I die in vain?
I rose again to live in you, but you remain the same.
I do not continue waiting until you come to Me in ‘your time’.
I am knocking on your heart’s door right now, will you
come to Me in Mine?
I ache for the decision you make, like witchcraft, you stay
in your rebellion.
When death comes to take you away, I’ll just have to tell him….
“Take her away, she lived your way, and would
have none of Mine;
She only wanted the pretty words, she didn’t
want to take the time
To be refined, to be genuine. I loved her and did
for her all I could.
I offered her beauty for her ashes, but she chose the soot.”
GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 09-12-15
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