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I Miss You Mother

I miss you Mother! I keep forgetting I can’t call you on the phone.
It sure is painful when I pick it up and remember you’re not home.
But I can almost hear you tell me what you would say to that:
“Don’t cry! You have to accept GOD’s will; am I right?”
“Now answer me!” you would say in that,
(“you’re not going till you do”) tone
I knew it was true, I wasn’t going anywhere till I answered
you on the phone.
I sure loved telling you jokes when you were in a bad mood;
You wouldn’t expect the punch line, and always wanted
to hear it again too
You said you wanted to learn each one so you could
tell it to your Brother:
I sure miss your laugh, and your funny ways Mother.
But, I’ll take the seeds you planted that grew fruit in me
And scatter them the rest of my life, to everyone I meet.
I miss getting to tell you things, so now, I’ve started telling the Lord:
I can tell He is listening too, like I was the only person in the world.
I’ve asked Him to tell you happy things, since there
are no tears up there.
I asked Him to not miss a day of telling you from me,
“I Love You Mother Dear.”
I asked Him to help me remember when I cannot
get you on the phone,
You are happy and well, and in no pain, and you are Home.

Mother is in her heavenly Home.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 10-27-15
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