Tag Team for Jesus Christ
I Need Not Fear

GOD is here in earliest morning
GOD is here in darkest night;
GOD is here to teach me faith
With all of the thoughts that are in my mind.
GOD is here when I'm full of laughter
GOD is here when I'm feeling well;
GOD is here to offer His shoulder
When I need to cry, or when I'm feeling ill.
GOD is here in rain or in sunshine
GOD is here when I falter or fear;
GOD is here and listens attentively
While I wait, He speaks truth in my ear.
GOD is here in the beauty of holiness
GOD is here and He's always the same;
GOD is here ready to perform what His Word says
Waiting for me to speak it in His Name.
I need not fear for GOD is here.
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