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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
I Need Some Words Today, Lord

Lord, those cruel words sure can hurt:
They leave me numb and low:
The pain they do inflict, have wounded my spirit so!
I cannot think about anything,
But only to sit here and stare:
On top of that, it's raining outside everywhere!
Each time the words are spit out
With that wicked laugh:
They see the hurt from their words that seems to make them glad.
I need some words today Lord, to replace those they stole.
The love I felt from You to me:
I’ve forgotten, please heal my soul?!
You remind me Lord, we do not war
Simply against flesh and blood;
So I'll resist all bitterness, Lord, when they sling mud.
This trial has not been in vain,
For You are using it Lord:
To make me thankful for the rain, and Your bountiful downpour.
Thank You for the words, In JESUS' Name I pray, Amen.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 10-24-2010