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I am Still Learning

Things I have learned from Jesus: ~ I have learned, If I keep my eyes on Him, I will not sink. ~ I have learned, If I felt their pain, I can lift it from them. ~ I have learned, If I cried first, then I know how to dry their tears. ~ I have learned, an action always follows a feeling of compassion. ~ I have learned, mercy is greater than any judgment I know. ~ I have learned, if He had done in them yet what He has done in me, they would have repented already. ~ I have learned..., it is better to resist temptation, than to burn. ~ I have learned, it is far better to suffer for doing good, than to suffer for doing wrong. ~ I have also learned, it is better to agree with GOD, and say "yes" to Him the first time, than to go through all of that. ~ I have learned, GOD is a lot more patient with me than what I thought! ~ I have learned, GOD is a lot more concerned about me doing what's right, and storing treasures up in Heaven, than what I thought. ~ I have learned, the devil hates me more than I thought since GOD loves me, and I love Him back. ~ I have learned from Jesus, His Name is feared in the demon world more than anything that ever existed. ~ I have learned, we need to speak His Name more often. ~ I have learned, "It is finished!" It really truly is! We already have most of what we ask for. ~ I have learned, Kindness keeps my heart soft, my eyes on the good, my thoughts on The Solution, my mouth on words of encouragement, my hands gentle, and my feet running to GOD for others daily. ~ I have learned, GOD's Word works, and can be trusted! ~ I have learned, Nothing is out of His reach! No one is out of His care! Nothing is too hard for Him.... not even a heart of stone. No one is too dirty He cannot clean! No one too crooked, He cannot straighten! Nothing too rough, GOD cannot smooth, and No one too troubled He cannot soothe! Nothing is too hidden it cannot be found. No cry too silent, He cannot hear the sound! No addiction so rooted, He cannot root out! No problem so big He cannot figure out! No heartache too small He won't bend down to listen! No rusted out bucket, He can't make shine & glisten!
I am still learning, and will till the end; for each time I'm learning to know Jesus, my best Friend.

O, I pray this blesses somebody! Especially since He woke me up at 3:00 a.m. from a good sleep to come in here and write it. (Smiles.)

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