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I’m Not Through With You

I met a patient at the hospital a while back (I'll call him "C.B.") who at first meeting said, "I've given up on life, but I haven't given up on GOD." As we visited, C.B. shared how he hadn't been out of prison more than 5 years, but was incarcerated for 53 years. "My first memories as a child" C.B. relayed to us, "was behind bars, when my Mom who was a prostitute would turn my crib over, put me in it while she went to turn a trick, and I would wait for her there by myself while holding on to the bars." He continued, "Then my Mom sold me to someone else on the street when I was about 2 years of age." C.B. went on to share how he'd stolen a school bus when he was in what we call "middle school" today. He said, all his life he stole things, mostly "corvettes." Said he took around 22 of them in all. He so regrets all the trouble and all the lies he had to tell, and recollects the many times people tried to share the knowledge of GOD with him, but he ignored them. The devil blinds our eyes to what we need the most, and that is the love of a Heavenly Father Who knows us best, and yet loves us most.
When C.B. was in his 60's, he was mowing the prison yard when he lost his balance while turning the big heavy tractor, and fell off. Before he knew it, the blades were running over him, crushing his pelvis, and breaking his back when the blades stopped on him. It was horrible, but that's what it took for him to look up to GOD when he heard a Voice say to him, "I'm not through with you." C.B. thought it was the prison Boss telling him that, and not realizing how bad off he was, he barely got out the words, "Okay Boss, I'll get up as soon as I catch my breath." That's when he heard the Voice again call him by name and say, "C.B., I'm not through with you." This time C.B. knew it was GOD, his Creator speaking to him, and he cried out and asked GOD to forgive him for denying Him "all those years." That's when he asked GOD into his heart and life right there. When life-flight helicopter got there and asked him if he'd ever wanted to ride in a helicopter, C.B. told them he had, and off they went. At the hospital, the doctor told
C.B. if he couldn't stop the bleeding C.B. would die. The last thing C.B. recalls about the incident is when he looked up at the doctor and told him, "I don't believe GOD saved my life just so I could have a free ride in a helicopter."
C.B. lived only 6 short weeks after my ministry partner and I met him, and we all became friends. He had a terminal illness, was on his way home one afternoon and lost control of the wheel, running into a huge oak tree off the side of the road. All C.B. wanted was to live "free" from being locked up anywhere for the rest of his life. If he had continued living with his health the way it was, he would have had to been placed in a facility somewhere and would have been most unhappy; but the way it was, he died instantly. The Lord put it on my heart to write a song about Charlie. I never got to sing it to him, and when my ministry partner, Henry told him I wrote a song about him, "C.B. cried so hard and said, "I can't believe someone would write a song about ME, as worthless as I am!"
Here are the words to the song:
"The Lord has been O so good to me! The Lord has been sooo good to me!
On the Cross He took my place; now He helps me run this race. The Lord has been just so good to me. Flat on my back, He saw my lack and came running to me. As I lay there in pain and despair, He could have said, "Boy, get on your knees!" but He didn't.
Lying in the culvert, I said to myself, "I guess I'm through." (How many of you know what I'm talking about when I say, when GOD speaks to you, you know you've been told?!") But GOD said, "I AM that I AM, and I'm not through with you!"
Now the Lord has been my Healer, He's my Shield! Yes, the Lord has been my Healer, He's my Shield!" He protects me in stormy weather, and He's the One helps me keep it together. The Lord has been my Healer, He's my Shield!"
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