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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
I’m Stepping Out of Depression

I'm stepping out of depression for I have reasons to:
I've been given many promises; here, I will name a few:
I have been promised a long life, with peace to rule my heart;
His mercy each day reminds me that I get a brand new start!
I have His blessed assurance, JESUS is always mine!
GOD will never leave me; He is with me all the time!

He has promised me daily triumphs from His beautiful Word:
A day to day salvation like the day I met the Lord!
His Love is always patient, though I'll never understand it
He doesn't just "bear with" me, and I'll never comprehend it!
He loves me where I am and knows how I got to this place:
I have made wrong decisions, still He wraps me in His grace!

I am slow and just don't get it many times, but He just waits
With His Arms around me: and He never contemplates.
How can I possibly let the devil make me blue -
With all that GOD has given, and all He promises to do?!
It's no wonder I'm depressed the way I shrug my shoulders so:
When the Lord taps me on them and says, "There's somewhere I'd have you go."
When the thoughts of my heart are not on the "pure and good"
Nor the "positive reports", and "lovely things", like they should.

But I am taking a stand today, to listen to GOD's Voice;
And if I hear a good idea, I'll make it my choice.
GOD is so forgiving, and knows what our root causes are:
And when we ask Him, He lights our candle, illuminating the dark.
I am stepping out of depression: all sadness has to go
In the Name of JESUS Christ my Savior, because He loves me so!
I encourage you, if you're depressed, choose to step out today
Get in GOD's Word; and if you let Him He will light your way.


          By GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin    06-05-2009