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In His Visit

Two brothers or two sisters raised in the same household, can be so different, yet complete the other one so well. Mary and Martha for instance: Martha had a servant heart to go and greet Jesus outside as soon as she saw Him on His way to their house. Mary, her sister is the one who had anointed Jesus’ Feet with her costly perfume, cried on his Feet and dried them with her hair. When Jesus was on His way to their house and Martha went anxiously to meet Him, Mary sat, waiting for Jesus, not lazily, but peaceably inside. Both sisters waited on the Lord: one as a servant, and the other as a learner. Both are needful! Jesus told Martha she needed to be less encumbered. He told her, “One thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” We would be wrong to think Jesus was comparing the two sisters; for it is clear that He tells us not to compare ourselves with ourselves. He was encouraging Martha to chill out; to let her know she was being anxious about having everything just right in the house for His visit, instead of being in His visit, and preparing food afterward. John 11:5 says “Jesus loved Martha and Mary, and Lazarus.” Let us remember this during these holidays: not to busy ourselves so much with our house, as we busy ourselves with the ones who have come to visit.

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