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Invitations from the Devil

I don't know about you, but I have had just about more than enough of these invitations from the devil this year to be anxious, to fear, to fret, and to forget what GOD said is mine, and what I'm to do. Last night Honey and I heard such a ruckus going on outside. Many of you know, I have a temporary affliction that keeps me from walking like I want to, so I couldn't go check very quickly; but Honey George hurried out to the driveway, and when he did, a precious and caring neighbor from up the road (we live way out in the country) met him there and told him what just happened: she said the great dane and other large dog some people keep chained up, got loose, attacked and killed two smaller dogs, then ran to her yard where her dogs were barking at them behind a chain-linked fence. The owner used her pepper spray and scared the dogs off. Then the two dogs chased a dog that lives closer to us until the poor pup ran up his porch steps, where the dogs penned him in. The woman told George she screamed at them till they stopped and ran away; then she called the Sheriff again on the people. Said she's already called once before on these same dogs. We found out the last dog attacked was okay, just very shook up. During this whole thing, I was talking to the Lord, and He was talking back, letting me know He was answering my prayers for all concerned, and that I was to just pray what needed to be done, then thank Him... that's all, just praise Him He was doing it. It is the only way I cannot be stressed to the max when I hear or see an animal, child, or elderly person defenseless like that. Please read what happened this morning: Where the last dog attacked lives, there is a little mentally challenged girl who loves the dog. That is one reason I was concerned about the dog, because I knew it would disturb the girl so bad. This morning the little girl missed her school bus that picks her up at the end of her driveway. I heard the bus leave, and right after, I heard a commotion going on with dog sounds again. Finally, I got to the front door and looked out to see the little girl's dog fussing at the girl, trying to keep her in the yard; but the girl walked out onto the street, and was walking up the road (I guess she thought she would walk to school,
but she is only in about second grade.)
It was foggy beyond there so I couldn't see her, but I called out to the girl to let me drive her to school. Her dog was barking so loudly with this high pitched sound, drowning out my voice, and besides, the girl doesn't know me. Here came the invitation again from the enemy of my soul, to stress out to the max. In a minute, I heard other dogs barking in unison up the road, and my thoughts were,
"What if those dogs who were chained up, break loose again when they see the dog they attacked, and attack him again, and the little girl as well?!" Okay, this was getting out of control. I didn't have a phone number for any of them, nor the neighbors up the road, and I couldn't move well enough to go outside and check on her to try and coax her back. Where was her Mother? So, since being anxious is being prideful by not casting all my cares over on Jesus, the Lord reminded me or else it would hurt my health, so I quickly casts all of these thoughts over on the only One Who could do anything about any of it, and I asked Him to protect them all and everything else I could think of. Afterward, the Lord said in my spirit,
"Alright, now praise Me it's done. Just leave it to Me, don't allow vain imaginings in your thoughts, and praise Me, that's all."
WOW!!! It works. I started to think about it again, and the Lord told me how to respond, so I had to obey Him. The little girl was safe, and every prayer was answered. The little girl just got off the afternoon bus, and her dog is fine too. Praise the Lord hallelujah, Amen. If you can't do anything about the situation, pray everything you know to pray, then leave it alone,
mind your own business, and thank GOD He's on it!
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