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It Wasn't Me

How many times have you asked your children, "Ok, who did this?" Maybe that's when you found out they could sing, when they harmonized so beautifully with the words, "It wasn't me!" I heard these words at jail last night, and it got me thinking.

Someone saw me in my broken state, rescued me and gave me a clean slate:
It wasn't me.
Someone forgave me of all my sin, and never brought them up again.
It wasn't me.
This someone breathed on my dry bones: I thought I was dead, He wouldn't leave me alone. Then a strong wind lifted me up from the dirt... healed my heart and every hurt. This someone said, "Forget and forgive all your sins: and all the times you didn't win!" Then He lifted my chin for my face was hid; looked me in my eyes so lovingly and said, "I Did!"

I said, "Jesus, someone keeps pointing their finger at me, and reminding me of all I used to be." Jesus said, "It wasn't Me!"

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 02-07-2015
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