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It's a Good Thing I Didn't Take My Life

Now, first of all, I apologize
For speaking such gruesome things:
But hey, isn't that life?
At least, that's the way it seems.
I thought I planned it well this time
To finally take my life
Everyone in the dorm fell asleep
O yes, an end to the strife:
So I took one hundred and four pills
And swallowed all of them:
Happy I wouldn't wake up anymore
I was merely existing back then.
I was so angry in five days,
I woke in a hospital bed:
They told me a woman prayed for me
And "if she hadn't, I'd be dead."
Well "Duh, maybe that's what I wanted:
Hello, did you think of that?"
So many emotions came over me,
When I saw I was alive, I was sad.
No one cared if I lived or died...
At least that's what I thought;
But I later found out Someone cared very much
Someone I knew nothing about.
A woman came and asked me a question,
"Are you a Christian?" she asked:
"NO! And I don't want to be
One of those who just wear a mask!"
She told me it wasn't good to "stereotype"
She said, "Real ones aren't that way."
I was at the bottom of my life,
And she helped me look up that day.
I finally found meaning and purpose
And a new family who sees what GOD sees:
I don't have to try to please anyone else;
GOD loves me when I'm just me.
It's a good thing I didn't die that day,
Because I would not have gone to Heaven:
Not because I took my life,
But because I needed forgiven.
I told the Lord I was sorry
For every wrong thing I had done:
And asked Him to take over my life
That I had come to the bottom of.
I had no idea He was like this:
I thought He was condemning and stern;
Because that's how so many church goer's act
But He is not like that at all, I have learned!
He is SO kind, even funny at times,
And He treats me like it's just me and Him:
He is incredibly loving,
I love my life now that I'm living it with Him!!! O YEY!!!
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