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It’s not Worth a Stroke

Let's talk about "road rage." Back in early 1993, I was driving down Main Street in Rosenberg, TX., outside of Houston. I was in a hurry to be somewhere on time and was going to need to turn right in a while, so I just stayed in the right lane; but the car in front of me was going about 20 mph in a 35 , so I said to myself, "That's not going to cut it." I went to the left lane, and so did the other driver, so I got back over to the right lane, she did too. I quickly skipped over to the left lane again and was going to go around, but she pulled out in front and sped up instead. No big deal; wasn't going to let it ruin my day, so I just went with it. I got back over in the right lane. When it came time to pass each other, I looked over at the driver, ready to give her "the look" (you know, when you've had enough and you look at them as if to say, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" and, "I THINK YOUR CHEESE DONE SLIPPED OFF YOUR CRACKER LADY!!!!") Right as we were passing each other, I looked over in time to see this elderly woman holding her steering wheel with both hands, and keeping her eyes fixed on the road... and SHE WAS MY GRANDMOTHER!!!!
I laughed off and on the rest of the day, maybe for the entire week, but it also taught me something: to make excuses for people. Most of the time they don't have a clue they are irritating anyone. Why do some people have "road rage" so bad? Is it because they are mad a lot of the time, or deeply frustrated, and it comes out when they're driving? It seems like the most immature, and arrogant way to act. We don't have any rights you know. We gave up our rights when we turned our life over to GOD's leadership.
Road rage defined: "violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions."
I'm sure I've irritated some people with my driving. I mean, I used to have a corvette and I acted CrAzY! If I was in a hurry and the lanes weren't moving fast enough, I'd make another lane. They called me "Lightening" at work for that reason; but I'm telling you, I was a crazy driver back in my 20's. Thank GOD He protected me and everyone around me.
If you are a Christian, c'mon now: we have certain obligations to be an example to others. When you get out on the road, just be a considerate driver, and kind. If you know someone's driving in a hurry, just be considerate and get over if you can and let them pass. It's not worth a stroke. I recently heard of a guy who carried "golf balls in the glove box" of his car, and if someone wasn't doing him right on the road, no problem... he'd just open it up, take out a ball or two, open his sunroof and toss them out, in hopes they would agitate the other driver. This is not recommended.
Humor is a good way of getting out of immature frustration. Picture them in a desert riding a camel in a traffic jam or something. If the devil knows you let it steal your joy and peace, he'll know what to send next time; but if he knows you pray for the other person's salvation when it happens, watch it happen less frequently.
Just a thought I was thinking.
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