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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin


Jesus drew me to His Heart over thirty years ago
He never has disappointed me, nor has He left me alone.
Jesus has walked me out of danger many, many times
He has talked me into faith when I saw no signs.

Jesus has walked me through and out of whining over little things:
He still walks me into remembering He is The King of all kings.

Jesus has walked me out of sin and out of harmful lusts:
He has walked me out of fear, and into how to trust;
Jesus has walked me out of affliction and right back in again,
When I repented, but was tempted by Satan, and gave in.

Jesus has forgiven me more times than I can count
And walked me through forgiving others, clearing their account:
He has walked me out of double-mindedness and pride,
And renewed a humble spirit within me so many times.

Jesus has walked with me out of contradictory delusions;
And I have had the honor to walk with Him in persecutions.
Jesus has walked me out of twenty-eight years of self-deceptions;
And praise GOD, He has walked me out of misinterpretations.

I can say, throughout this journey, Jesus has been steadfast:
I have found Him faithful and nothing else has surpassed.
Jesus is walking me out of my stubborn will, and He will subdue
All my iniquities, helping me overcome them too!


GOD’s Grace in Dawn Gwin 12-29-17