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Jesus, Son Of GOD

Jesus, Son of GOD, and spotless Lamb Who was slain
Thank You for teaching me how to use Your Name,
In prayer, that my petitions be heard and answered on this day
Also when in danger, a Strong Tower is Your Name.
Jesus, Son of GOD, thank You for having mercy on me
Your mercy drops still are falling for others that I see
O, without Your mercy, I would be wretched without a cure
So thank You for enduring temptation, so I may too endure.
Jesus, Son of GOD, what a Mighty Warrior and King You are!
You are my Light in the night, and You are my Morning Star!
Jesus, Precious Friend to me in each lonely hour
Always giving, and interceding, always my saving Power!
Jesus, Son of GOD, You lived so I could do the same
You died on the Cross and took away all my blame.
You cried, "Father, forgive them!" I was one You forgave:
I don't have to be afraid, because You rose up from the grave!
Jesus, Son of GOD, in Your resurrection power
You live and love through me when I yield to what I've acquired.
"Greater works than these" You said, we will also do;
Since we can be in more places at once, we have more avenues.
Jesus, Son of GOD, awaken our hearts to know Thee more
Then we won't be able to help but love You and adore.
Altogether lovely One, I pray You open our eyes to see
Jesus, Whom we will be married to throughout eternity!

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