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Last night at jail, my ministry partner brought and played a song called, "Jesus Is Real." I have heard, "GOD Is Real" many times in the past, but haven't heard that one. After hearing it in both sessions, I couldn't get it off my mind as I tossed and turned like a wiggle-worm in the night because of this thought: "What if Jesus wasn't "real?" How tragic that would be! So I wrote:
Jesus Is "Real"
If Jesus were not "real," we couldn't live a Resurrected Life
There would be no Way to have Joy and Peace inside
If Jesus were not real, we wouldn't have a happy Ending:
And neither would we be able to have a new Beginning.
That is worse, is it not, than omitting the season of Spring?!
We wouldn't have all the reasons we do to shout out loud and sing!
It would be awfully dreadful not to have an Advocate
Someone Greater on our side, so we wouldn't give up.
We wouldn't have our Great Physician to cleanse & make us whole:
We wouldn't have the assurance of, "Jesus loves me, this I know."
If Jesus were not real, we would have no Living Bread
Our spirit would starve for hunger, like a man walking dead.
We would have no spiritual fruit, so we'd be malnourished for sure
Without The Tree of Life, we'd be hopeless, without a Cure.
And, if Jesus were not real, we would have no Truth in sight
Lies and false delusions would overcome all right.
Can you imagine what your life would be like to have no Lord?
We would have no direction, and no purpose to live for.
We would have no Protector to watch over us day and night
No one to stand watch with sword in hand for us and fight.
If Jesus were not real dear one, we would have no Guide:
Like a ship on a troubled sea, we would sink without the Light.
We would have to die and take the punishment for our sins
Because we wouldn't have the Lamb of GOD Who calls us, "friends!"
Now let me ask you, What if you are not for "real" with Jesus dear one?
You would have wasted your whole life, and been left out when your time had come.
© GOD's grace in Dawn Gwin 02-20-16
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