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Life Abundantly

After Jesus knocked on my heart's door, then I asked Him in:
That's when He delivered me out of the power of sin:
I went wandering on my own, forgot I couldn't do it by myself;
GOD used His rod to bring me back, then He used His staff
He pulled me close to His heart again, and revealed His will to me:
Said, "I have a purpose for you to live a life abundantly."
I said, "Well, how do I find it? So far there's a lot of trials,
And I can't imagine going through this for too many more miles."
And then the Lord said something that really blew my mind:
"The devil's just trying to scare you, to see if
you'll change your mind."
I said, "O, You mean he will just bother me only for a while,
Then afterward he will leave me alone, since I am Your child?"
The Lord replied, "The devil will always try to trip you up.
He hates My plan for you, and that is, to show others My love.
The enemy of your soul isn't giving you up without a fight:
He can't steal Jesus from you, but he can try to make you not do right.
That's how he wants to use you to keep others from being free.
He wants you to think like the rest of the world, so
people won't see Me.
He'll say, "Don't you want to be popular, and be in the "in crowd?"
And, "People don't want to know what all that GOD stuff is about!"
Satan knows his end, he's stinkin' mad, because he knows he'll burn forever, and won't be able to die, nor be comfortable whatsoever!
He wants to take as many as he can since he's filled with hate
For those made in My Image: he wants to keep them
from Heaven's gate.
He wants them to be tormented too and he laughs everyday
Behind the back of those who fall for all his enchanting ways:
Pleasure, and beauty, money, and fame, sex and drugs galore;
Vanity, and power, with more, and more, and more!
But My child, when it's time for you to go, I may not let you know,
So keep oil in your lamp, and be ready, with a bright light in your soul.
You will draw many from darkness when you let your light shine:
By hiding My Word in your heart, they will know you are Mine.
Morning, night, and noon, keep your eyes stayed on Me,
And you'll have what I promised you here: life, abundantly.
Yes, you will be lonely at times, and cry for those who choose
To stay away from My presence, who don't think
My Word is "good news."
This is all the heaven they will see, but they won't feel love again ever!
But this is all of hell you will see, then you'll be
with Me in Heaven forever."
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