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Little Keegan

Hi! I have been an aunt for over twenty years, but YEY!  I'm about to be a "great" aunt any minute now to a little man named,
Keegan Edward Bell.
Would appreciate your prayers for him and his Mama as he enters this world! I was thinking about Heaven last night and remembered a few months ago when a Scripture came to my mind, "Keep your mind on things above, not on things of the earth; for you are dead and your life is hid with Christ in GO...D." I said, "Lord, I would keep my thoughts on Heaven, but I don't know what's up there except for jeweled walls, gates of pearl, golden streets, and my sweet Lord, so that's all I know to think on is Jesus." There is so much about Him to think on, and I realize when I think on His Word, I'm thinking on Him, but I wished I knew what else is up there! Everytime I go through this, my thoughts are turned to what is NOT in Heaven, thank GOD.
How I long for that day when I meet The One Who died for me, when I see His beautiful loving, caring compassionate Eyes, and His Face. I hope He smiles when He sees me... O, I know I've made Him cry! I hope I'll have more souls that I can bring to Him before I die. I am so comforted when I think on this and O the happiness it brings, when I think of what will not be there.
No more spiders, no poisonous snakes! I hope no possums for goodness sakes!
Thank GOD, there will be no sad goodbyes, no more tears to fill our eyes;
No more bills, no more pain, no one who will forget a name.
No criticizing or backbiting; no more terminal disease;
No more criminal offenses; no more fear of any of these.
No more distance will be between the ones I dearly love, and me!
No more sin of any sort; no more hearing a bad report!
No more hearing aids, wigs, or false teeth;
No more growing old and weak.
No more flab to have to hide; no tornado's; no mud slides.
(Not sure how those went together, but still... I'm glad!)
No more families separated by war; no mental anguish, no one hungry or poor!
No more weeds in the garden. Heaven is a place where everyone is pardoned!
O halleluia and glory to GOD!!! I look forward to seeing all what is not!! Don't you?

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