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Our neighbors built a concrete foundation on the lot next to their house, so we expected them to build a house there. We waited and waited. Every day we would pass their house on the way to the highway coming and going and were waiting with expectancy to see what they would build. A year went by, still no house, no building, no nothing. Two years went by, still nothing. Finally close to three years later, much to our surprise, they built a large con...crete wall right in front with no door, no window... just a large concrete wall. That was in about 2003. My husband and I were on our way through, headed for Abilene a while back in 2014, and out of curiosity, I asked my husband if we could go by our old house. What a shock it was when we drove by the house that had the foundation with only one concrete wall up and nothing else.
Seeing only a foundation those two plus years, I felt The Lord was showing me the condition of the majority of people who ask Jesus in their heart: they lay the foundation; but that's as far as it goes for a while. Then someone hurts their feelings, and there goes the large concrete wall right up, where no one can get in, and they're not giving out anything of themselves to get close to anyone.
I have noticed a lot of people in this hour closing themselves off to anyone who doesn't respond to them right away exactly like they think the person is supposed to. They are saying in a round-about way, "I will only love those who love me, and I will treat everyone just like they treat me." But Christian, we are not to act like someone who hasn't been born-again. Have you forgot you are building a house unto GOD? We can't stop building. We don't want Him to return to find only a foundation, or a concrete wall on it only.
Acts 7:49 "What house will you build unto Me, and what is the place of My rest?" asked The Lord.
Father of hearts, I ask for all who stop by and read this, that You open their heart's to rebuild You a house of love. And since faith works by love, it will tag along behind. Hallelujah in Jesus' Name, Amen.
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