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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
Lord, I Just Want To Get “Messed Up”

GOD’s Child:
I just want to get messed up, and numb out all together;
Then, I won’t have to feel the pain, the trial, nor the fetter.

I can’t deal with all this stress, I would rather have no feeling;
And hide out from this awful mess, cluttered to the ceiling.

How can I reject a drug that takes me away from the real?
After all, the “real” stinks. If you only knew how I feel.

Jesus replies:
I understand completely My child, remember, I formed you?
And, I know exactly why you do the things you do.

I suffered the agony of all you have and will go through;
And, I endured death on the Cross, so I could be here for you!

Understand My love for you, and what I came to do:
I came to destroy the works the evil one has done in you!

I came that you might have Life, abundant, joyful, and free.
You just have to do your part: and cling solely to Me.

Will you let Me give you the strength to walk out from this place?
The “real” is quite adventuresome, and, I have all the grace!

I love you! I never intended for you to embrace this stronghold;
So Come Away beloved of Mine! Come away to My fold!!

I have refreshing water, and food that will satisfy!
All I ask of you dear one, is, when you want to hide,
Hide in Me, and you will see, I Am the bridge to the other side!!

Written for the addicts we love and pray for!

GOD’s Grace in Dawn Gwin 01-07-12